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International Conferences

Kim, C.R. & Kim, U.H. (2022). “A Dual-Cycled Cross-View Transformer Network for Unified Road Layout Estimation and 3D Object Detection in the Bird's-Eye-View,” ArXiv.

Kim, C.R., Kim, U.H., & Kim, J.H. (2022). “Self-supervised 3D Object Detection from Monocular Pseudo-LiDAR,” The 2022 IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration.

Kim, C.R., Hwang, Y., & Kim, J.H. (2022). “Deep Q-Network for AI Soccer,” ArXiv.

Kim, C.R., Sung, E., Sim, J., & Park. J. (2019). “Foot-manipulated User Interface for Mobile Robot Control,” The 14th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference.


Chang, S., Song, S.W., Kim, C.R., Park, C.H., Park, J.H., & Song, M.H., (2022). “Image Sensor, Mobile Device and Image Sensor Operation Method for Reducing Data Transmission Latency,” Korea Patent (10-2022-0119537). Under Review.

Awards and Honors

LGenius-KAIST Full-tuition Scholarship, LG Display Co., Ltd. (2019-2021)

Round of 16, AI World Cup, WCG Xi’an 2019

Finalist, GRØN DYST 2019, Technical University of Denmark

First Place, Capstone Design Competition, Korea University College of Engineering